Become a Døds Challenge Event

The International Døds Federation (IDF/Det Internasjonale Dødseforbundet) launched Døds Challenge in 2019 (DC). The label Døds Challenge Event (DCE) is given to local events in Norway and abroad according to certain criteria. Approved events can use the label in marketing and gain access to IDF’s network of athletes and potential sponsors.

As DCE you become part of the official Døds tour as a run up to the World Championship. The winner of a DCE qualifies directly to the main competition in the World Championship with a Golden Ticket.

IDF will work to get sponsors for DCE through our network. Several existing sponsors are interested in a broader and more unified exposure and have already expressed interest in visibility in more events.

All DCE will be promoted through IDF’s and DC’s channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, media partners etc.)

IDF will where feasible provide filming and content production from the event.

Beyond this we urge events to work with local sponsors and athletes to secure regional support and enthusiasm.

Main criteria

  • Minimum 10 meter platform

  • Minimum 5 meter depth in the landing zone

  • Minimum 10 meter diameter landing zone

  • Minimum 20 competitors

  • 3-5 judges

  • Competition to be implemented according to IDF guidelines for competitions

The know more about how to become a Døds Challenge Event and want to include your event in Døds Challenge, please send us an email.