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Joan Laureà (Fly) Florit Fuster

Country: Spain

Team: Shades of Norway

Born 1990

Joan is from the small island of Menorca (Spain) located in the Mediterranean Sea, only 53 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide. Here he’s practiced the local version of dødsing since the age of 5, conquering most of the cliffs around the island. Døds has been practiced on Menorca since the 1950s.
You will recognize him by his creative and elegant style, combining different figures in one jump and with a smooth entry in the water that does not seem to hurt. His left leg tatoo says "you get what you give" and he is known for his dedication and effort every day to win his place on the podium.

World Championship: 6th place 2017, 11th place 2018

VLM: 2nd place 2018

Sup&Stup Winter Edition: 8th place