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Stian Samsonsen

Country: Norway

Team: Bologna, Italy

Born 1985 / 184 cm / 85 kg

Best døds memory:

World Championship 2015

I really got the feeling the guys were playing it safe to get a spot in the finals, so when I got to the semis, I asked a friend if I should just really SEND IT or play it safe also, and maybe I could get to the finals. He laughed and said... of course you gonna send it! This is whats its is all about, and he was right. 
For the frist time in my døds career I was actually a bit nervous...I was gonna do something I had never done before, and not many other guys either (in competition). "A double gainer to Døds." This was going to push the bar!
I took running speed and as I left the edge of the 10m platform going into the first gainer all was going well! As I started going into the second I lost the feeling of where I was in the air, and how many flips I had done. I felt I was going too fast... so I stretched out and stopped the rotation as I thought I was finished and I crouched together in a DØDS! Ready to receive the applause from the crowd!
Something was not as it should be, I had landed 100% totally flat on my back. I didn’t think much of it, of course I felt the immense pain, but I had to own it... When I came up from the water and I looked straight into the eyes of the lifeguard (who had jumped into save me) and the crowd of 2500 was completely silent...waiting to see if I still was conscious - then I knew it was bad.
After I got out of the water I managed to get from Frognerbadet to the nearest bar, left before the competition was finished. Was surprised when Paul Rigault (from the Døds Federation) called me and asked if I was at the hospital yet, or could come and get my award "Daredevil of the Year 2015".

World Championship: Årets Våghals (daredevil) 2015